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"I'll weep no more!" Aha! I like the girl.
And if— Ho! whither goest thou?
[To Parthenia, who is going off with two goblets.
Par. Where should I go? to yonder brook, to cleanse the cups.
Ing. No ! stay and talk with me.
Par. I have duties to perform. [Going.
Ing. Stay — I command you, slave!
Par. I am no slave ! your hostage, but no slave.
I go to cleanse the cups. [Exit l.
Ing. Ho! here's a self-willed thing — here is a spirit!
[Mimicking her.
"I will not, I am no slave ! I have duties to perform!
Take me for hostage!" and she flung back her head
As though she brought with her a ton of gold!
"I'll weep no more," — Aha! an impudent thing.
She pleases me! I love to be opposed;
I love my horse when he rears, my dogs when they snarl,
The mountain torrent, and the sea, when it flings
Its foam up to the stars; such things as these
Fill me with life and joy. Tame indolence
Is living death! the battle of the strong
Alone is life!
[During this speech Parthenia has returned with
the cups and a bundle of field flowers. She seats
herself on a piece of rock in front.
Ing. Ah ! she is here again. (He approaches her, and leans
over her on the rock.) What art thou making there?
Par. I? garlands.
Ing. Garlands?
(Musing.) It seems to me as I before had seen her
In a dream! How! Ah, my brother! — he who died
A child — yes, that is it. My little Folko —
She has his dark-brown hair, his sparkling eye:
Even the voice seems known again to me;
I'll not to sleep — I'll talk to her. [Returns to her.
These you call garlands,
And wherefore do you weave them ?
Par. For these cups.
Ing. How ?
Par. Is it not with you a custom ? With us
At home, we love to intertwine with flowers
Our cups and goblets.