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And there were bloody Claverhouse men
Who laughed aloud with glee,
When, trembling now within their power,
The frightened child they see.

He turns to flee, but all in vain:
They drag him back apace
To where their cruel leader stands,
And set them face to face.

The cakes concealed beneath his plaid
Soon tell the story plain—
"It is old Tam Roy the cakes are for!"
Exclaimed the angry man.

"Now guide me to his hiding-place,
And I will let you go."
But Jamie shook his yellow curls,
And stoutly answered, "No!"

"I'll drop you down the mountain side,
And there upon the stones
The old gaunt wolf and carrion crow
Shall battle for your bones."

And in his brawny, strong right hand
He lifted up the child,
And held him where the clefted rocks
Formed a chasm deep and wild.

So deep it was, the trees below
Like stunted bushes seemed.
Poor Jamie looked in frightened maze.
It seemed some horrid dream.

He looked at the blue sky above,
Then at the men near by:
Had they no little boys at home,
That they could let him die?