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feel that "Raphael" and "Sir Thomas Clifford" have inspired me to attempt love-making on my own account. Grant me the opportunity to make application for the situation made vacant by my unceremonious exit the other night. Let "Festus" apply once more.

Stella. What shall I say? (To audience.) Would you? He seems to have found his tongue; and who knows but what he may make an agreeable beau? I think he had better call again; for to have a lover who can make love by borrowing, is, at least,—under the circumstances—under the circumstances—what is it, Festus?

Festus. Circumstances? Why, under the circumstances, I should say it was "An Original Idea."

Note. The "Readings" and "Scenes" maybe varied to suit the taste of the performers. "The Garden Scene" in "Romeo and Juliet," scenes from "Ingomar," "The School for Scandal," etc., have been used with good effect.