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"Bay Billy" Frank H. Gassaway 98
Because Boston Transcript 33
The Book Canvasser 78
Casabianca (Colored) 43
A Centre-board Yacht-race George A. Stockwell 67
The Christening E. T. Corbett 37
The Coming Wave Oliver Optic 82
Counting Eggs Texas Sittings 64
Cut, Cut Behind Charles Follen Adams 45
The Deacon's Ride Mary C. Huntington 59
The Death of D'Assas Mary E. Vandyne 24
Decoration Day Mary Bassett Hussey 54
The Driver of Ninety-three Sarah K.Bolton 8
The Engineer's Story Eugene J. Hall 81
The Fall Thomas Hood 66
Filling His Place Maria L. Eve 40
The Flag James Jeffrey Roche 32
The Heritage James Russell Lowell 42
Hiring Help Mrs. S. E. Dawes 102
The House in the Meadow Louise Chandler Moulton 15
How the Ransom was Paid W. R. Rose 10
Jem's Last Ride Mary A. P. Stansbury 88
The Labor Question Wendell Phillips 29
The Light from Over the Range 5
A Little Peach 17
A Lost Child Anna F. Bumham 86
Love and Philosophy Geo. Runde Jackson 30