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enjoyed finding themselves again was in the elementary fluid forms that penetrate one another, twist about and untwist like the volutes of a dream or else of smoke: white clouds that dissolve in the gulf of the sky, little waves that play about, the rain on the soil, the dew on the bush, seeds of dandelion that swim at the beck of the air. . . . But the wind carries them away. Provided it does not begin to blow again and that we shall not lose each other any more for all eternity! . . .

But he decided:

"As for me, I believe that we never did quit one another; we were together just as we are now, lying against each other; only, we were asleep and we dreamed dreams. From time to time we awake. . . . With difficulty. . . . I feel your breath, your cheek against mine. . . . One makes a great effort; we bring our mouths together. . . . One falls back asleep. . . . Darling, darling, I am here, I hold your hand, don't let me go! . . . Now it is not quite