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don't be hurt) . . . Are you at the present moment a bit strapped?"

"No, no, I told you that just now, because there have been now and then hard times. But now it goes much better. Mama has found a situation where she is well paid."

"Your mother is at work?"

"Yes, in a munitions factory. She gets twelve francs a day. It's a fortune."

"In a factory! A war factory!"


"Why, it's frightful!"

"Oh, well! One takes what offers!"

"Luce! but if you, you should have such an offer? . . ."

"Oh, me? You see yourself, I just daub. Ah! You perceive now that I have good reason to make my smears!"

"But if it were necessary to have money and there were no other way than to work in one of those factories that produce bombshells, would you go?"

"If it were necessary to make money and no other means? . . . Why, surely! I would run for it."