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"Why, of course. Am I wrong in that?"

"Oh, no! It is so jolly that you do live. . . ."

"And you, you don't love it also?"

"I did not, up to the time . . ."

"Up to the time?"

(This question did not call for an answer. Both of them knew it.)

Following up his thought, Pierre:

"You just said 'first of all.' . . . 'I want to live, first of all.' . . . And what then? What else do you wish?"

"I don't know."

"Yes, you do know . . . "

"You are very indiscreet."

"Yes, very."

"It embarrasses me to tell you . . ."

"Tell me in my ear. No one will overhear."

She smiled:

"I would like . . ." (she hesitated).

"I would like just a little bit of happiness . . ."

(They were quite close the one to the other.)