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Vol. i, price lof- net. Vols, ii and iii out of print.

" Brilliant and scholarly. As regards execution, a strange thing has come to pass. Mr. Way is actually more successful in his rhymed lyric choral odes than in the dialogue. The choral odes have been the despair of translators, who have essayed every means of overcoming and evading the difiSculty. Clearly the English lyric in the manner of Dryden or Collins is the best substitute ; but who can be trusted to strike a clear and harmonious note on that lyre which is so irresponsive to a feeble touch ? Mr. Way can . . the lyrics have a real lyric swing about them. There is hardly a choral ode in which we do not find really successful efforts to combine a highly poetic style with a faithful reproduction of the thought of the poet. The introduction on ' Euripides and his Work ' is admirable ; it is instructive, judicious, and eloquent . . most interesting. The student of Greek will admire his work for its fidelity and scholarship ; and he who has no Greek will get nearer to Euripides than he ever ap- proached before," — Saturday Review.

" Wonderfully successful ; maintains a high level of dignity. We like more than ever the lilt of his rendering of choric metres. . . Will stand alone in the English language as the nineteenth century translation of Euripides." — Speaker.

" Mr. Way is, perhaps, the most successful living translator of the Greek poets. His Iliad is as spirited as Chapman's, and is, therefore, better than any other Rnglish version. His Euripides has the same fidelity to the original, with a spirit and movement which make the translation as readable as an English poem." — Daily News.

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