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Of prince and peer, but listened earnestly,

As for his life, to what the King of kings

Commanded or forbade. When solemnly

The deep responsive litany invoked

Aid and deliverance by the agony

And cross of Christ, his trembling hands he raised,

Horny, and brown with labor, while a tear

Crept slowly down its furrowed path. Old man !

Thou hast within thee that which shall survive

This temple s wreck, and if aright I read

Our Master s spirit in thy moistened eye,

That which shall wear a crown, when earthly thrones

Have name no more.

And then we knelt us down Around the altar, in that hallow d feast Which Jesus, in his dark betrayal-night, Enjoined on his disciples. There we took The broken bread and cup, remembering Him In all his lowliness, in all his love, Who sought the straying sheep.

So lift thy crook,

Shepherd Divine ! that we may follow thee Where er thou will st to lead, nor miss thy fold, When the slant beams of life s declining day Call home the wanderers to eternal rest.

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