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��IN our explorations of the pleasant town of War wick, we were much interested in visiting St. Mary s Church, a venerable structure, whose foundation claims the antiquity of a Saxon origin. It is built in the form of a cross, and its proportions are symmetrical. " You 11 see the Beechem tombs, sure ! " said our guide, leading the way to an adjoining edifice. I scarcely knew, from his mode of pronunciation, that he meant the Beauchamp chapel, the most stately and costly one in the kingdom, with the exception of that of Henry the Seventh, in Westminster Abbey. Its entrance is through an ornamented vestibule, the rich ness of its painted glass is striking, and many of its monuments elaborate. Near the northern wall is the tomb of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, the favorite of Queen Elizabeth, and her host during the princely festivities of Kenilworth, when for seventeen days the hand of the great clock at the castle was ever pointing to the hour of banquet. There, also, slumber the re mains of his countess, under the same gorgeous canopy with himself, supported by Corinthian columns. Poor

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