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Say that she d rise again ? that just as sure As Spring restored to life the grass and flowers, She would come back ? "

" Yes, But not here, my son ; Not to live here."

" Yes, here, this is the spot Where she was laid. So here she 11 rise again, Just where they buried her. I marked it well, And night and morning, since the grass grew green, I ve come to watch. Sometimes I press my lips Close to the place where they laid down her head, And call, and tell her that the flowers have come, And now t is time to wake. See too the seeds I planted here ! seeds of the flowers she loved, Break the brown mould. But yet she d6es not come, Nor answer to my voice."

" She cannot come To you, on earth, but you shall go to her. *

" I go to her! and his thin hands were clasped So close, that every bone and sinew seemed Fast knit together. Shall I go to her ? Let me go now."

Then, with a yearning heart, I told him of the Book that promiseth A resurrection, and eternal life To them who sleep in Jesus, that the word * Of God s unerring truth could ne er deceive The trusting soul, that kept His holy law Obediently, and His appointed time With patience waited.

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