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Confessed contagion from her tenderness, As with a manly and chivalrous grace The boon he gave.

Oh woman ! ever seek A victory like this ; with heavenly warmth Still melt the icy purpose, still preserve From error s path the heart that thou dost fold Close in thine own pure love. Yes, ever be The advocate of mercy, and the friend Of those whom all forsake ; so may thy prayer In thine adversity, be heard of Him, Who multiplies to pardon.

��Should any one chance to have crossed the Atlantic without learning the full import of the compound word sea-sickness^ he can obtain thorough elementary in struction on the Channel between England and France. Especially, if he embark, like us, ere a long and fierce storm has subsided, he may find a kind of teaching which every nerve in his body will register on its tab let, while memory remains.

The regular government-steamer declining to put forth, on account of stress of weather, we being wearied with our stay at Dover, were induced to take passage in a small private boat, which proved scarcely sea worthy. Our original party, of Bishop Williams and his mother, young Mr. W. E. Imlay and myself, had acquired the agreeable addition of Rev. Dr. Woods, President of Bowdoin College, and Hon. J. Dixon and

�� �