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Eyesight and silks upon it, that its style

Artistical, and anatomical,

Was quite a libel on the Trojan chief,

And likewise on his wife Andromache,

And all their line. I worked a piece myself,

Equally shocking, of an ark and child,

And two strange-looking women, and a slice

Of a cream-colored palace, trees arrayed

In indigo, and umber, and gamboge,

To show the fervor of Egyptian suns,

As I suppose, and this my teacher called

The infant Moses in the bulrushes.

I labored on it most industriously ;

But since, when my own children have been scared,

As waking suddenly from cradle-dreams,

They fixed their eyes upon it, I ve eschewed

The deed most heartily, and felt ashamed

That sacred themes should be distorted so.

And now I wonder what odd trains of thought Must needs bring back those hideous images, At such a time as this.

Friends, have a care, And do not let the unaccustomed sword Embarrass your best bow, when the French court Shall give its welcome to you. Pray, make haste, Our kind ambassador, with open doors Awaits our coming, and t would be indeed But payment poor for all his courtesy, To plunge his carriage in the gathering throng

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