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All, all was desolation. Chirping nest,

Nor face of man, nor living thing she saw,

For all the people of the earth were drowned,

Because of disobedience. Nought she spied

Save wide, dark waters, and a frowning sky,

Nor found her weary foot a place of rest.

So, with a leaf of olive in her mouth,

Sole fruit of her drear voyage, which, perchance,

Upon some wrecking billow floated by,

With drooping wing the peaceful ark she sought.

The righteous man that wandering dove received,

And to her mate restored, who, with sad moans,

Had wondered at her absence.

Then I looked

Upon the child, to see if her young thought Wearied with following mine. But her blue eye Was a glad listener, and the eager breath Of pleased attention curled her parted lip. And so I told her how the waters dried, And the green branches waved, and the sweet buds Came up in loveliness, and that meek dove Went forth to build her nest, while thousand birds Awoke their songs of praise, and the tired ark Upon the breezy breast of Ararat Reposed, and Noah, with glad spirit, reared An altar to his God.

Since, many a time, When to her rest, ere evening's earliest star,

�� �