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Joy ! I am mute no more,

My sad and silent years, With all their loneliness are o'er, Sweet sisters ! dry your tears : Listen at hush of eve listen at dawn of day List at the hour of prayer can ye not hear my la)' ? Untaught, unchecked it came, As light from chaos beamed, Praising his everlasting name,

Whose blood from Calvary streamed And still it swells that highest strain, the song of the redeemed.

��Brother ! my only one !

Belov'd from childhood's hours, With whom, beneath the vernal sun, I wandered when our task was done And gathered early flowers ;

I cannot come to thee, Though 'twas so sweet to rest

Upon thy gently- guiding arm thy sympathizing breast: Tis better here to be.

No disappointments shroud

The angel-bowers of joy, Our knowledge hath no cloud,

Our pleasures no alloy.

�� �