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��I LOOKED, and on old Zama's arid plain

Two chieftains stood. At distance ranged their hosts,

While they, with flashing eye, and gesture strong,

Held their high parley. One was sternly marked

With care and hardship. Still his warrior soul

Frowned in unbroken might, as when he sealed,

In ardent boyhood, the eternal vow

Of enmity to Rome. The other seemed

Of younger years, and on his noble brow

Beauty with magnanimity sat throned ;

And yet, methought, his darkening eye-ball said,

" Delenda est Carthago."

Brief they spake,

And parted as proud souls in anger part, While the wild shriek of trumpets, and the rush Of cohorts rent the air. I turned away. The pomp of battle, and the din of arms May round a period well ; but to behold The mortal struggle, and the riven shield To mark how nature's holiest, tenderest ties Are sundered to recount the childless homes,

�� �