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I know not how to find the Spring, II, 64.
I know the Summer fell asleep, II, 74.
I lay upon my narrow bed, II, 165.
I lift my eyes, but I cannot see, I, 67.
I longed for love, and, eager to discover, II, 151.
I looked from out my window once, I, 62.
I looked on beauteous forms, as I lay dreaming, I, 78.
I looked on Sorrow, tragical and dread, II, 120.
I said, She is gone from the grieving earth, I, 156.
I seemed to see thy spirit leave the clay, I, 226.
I think our alley's darker now, I, 183.
I thought that past the gates of doom, I, 55.
I war against the folly that is War, II, 207.
I was born as free as the silver light, I, 13.
I weave the beginning, I fashion the end, I, 139.
I who am ever young, I, 219.
I, who am Love, come clothed in mystery, I, 182.
I will be still, I, 17.
I woke and heard the thrushes sing at dawn, I, 30.
I woke in suffering, and sadly heard, II, 183.
If it be true, as some aver, I, 106.
If love were but a little thing, II, 255.
If love were not, the wilding rose, I, 248.
If only in my dreams I may behold you, I, 242.
If tasting Heliconian springs, II, 86.
If you no more should love me?—you? II, 246.
In dreamland is a castle fair, II, 161.
In her arms unconscious lying, I, 107.
In Montepulciano fair, II, 118.
In Orient mystery, II, 156.
In Radnor Valley, from the world apart, I, 124.
In the arid and desolate places of life, II, 140.
In the beginning was I born, I, 102.
In the blue, cloudless heaven, I, 157.
In the heart of the forest arising, I, 45.
Into the light where beauty doth not pale, I, 145.
Into the theatre they came, I, 113.
Is he alone? The myriad stars shine o'er him, I, 236.
Is the promise of day merely darkness, II, 69.
Is this the place? So still!—as with the hush, II, 166.
It rises by a frozen mere, I, 201.
It rose, and swam into the sky, I, 167.
It will be long ere 'neath the sunlight dimpling, I, 181.