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Nothing that we deem can die, II, 219.
Now gracious plenty rules the board, II, 238.

O aged man, pray, if you know, II, 47.
O beauty! vision of forgotten gladness! I, 35.
O little plant, so meek and slight, I, 151.
O music of divine imagining! II, 46.
O thou, sublime, who on the throne, I, 15.
O'er-topping all—upon how lone a height! I, 197.
Old as the race of man, I, 239.
On that divine all-hallowed morn, I, 71.
Once a man set forth at morning, II, 36.
Once in a still, sequestered place, I, 112.
Once lovely Venus to her wayward boy, II, 221.
One spot of green, watered by hidden streams, II, 3.
Others endure Man's rule: he therefore deems, I, 25.
Others may see thee; I behold thee not, II, 53.
Our days by deeds are numbered,—and by dreams, II, 104.
Our single lives are circled round, II, 159.

Pale priestess of a fame discredited, II, 52.
Peace! for the silver bugles play, I, 247.
Peace to-night, heroic spirit! II, 216.
Pilgrims of the trackless deep, I, 98.
Poet, why wilt thou wander far afield, II, 155.
Poor Icarus!—to soar so high, II, 158.
Poor Love! said Life, that hast nor gold, I, 31.

Reproach not Death, nor charge to him, in wonder, I, 228.
Rodin's it was—this vital thing, this Soul, I, 37.
Roses are but for a day, I, 203.

Say, hast thou never been compelled to lie, II, 57.
She cannot wind the distaff, II, 71.
She dances, I, 10.
She dwelt apart, as one whom love passed by, II, 24.
She laid her head upon the straw, I, 109.
She said: My babe is dead, II, 76.
She stood a vision vestureless and fair, II, 171.
She will not hear you if you sing, I, 222.
Silent amidst unbroken silence deep, II, 253.
So war has begun, they say, I, 104.