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01? POETIC CHARACTER. And dares, in dark ldalia's grove, Profane the holiest name of love. More noble, far, the silent woe Of him, who finds few joys below, Who ne'er his feelings can express, Who is not form'd for happiness; Nor only poet, but endued Above the tuneful multitude, With.the poetic-temper'd frame Respondent to the soul it shrines, Which, with a strength, no force can tame, Too feeling tenderness combines; Thro' every shrinking poie alive, In every fibre sensitive; Fit medium for th' electric fire, Which, ever-restless, will aspire, Beyond mortality's'allow'd desire. As Ceres, frantic for her child, Wandered o'er mountain, vale, and wild, And snatch'd, to guide her steps by night, From Etua's pines a torch of light, So does he roam with hope's vain torch, Kindled at Passion's Etna-flame, Thro' the dark world, in ceaseless search .Of that, which mocks his eager aira-- 83 ......... ?Google