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88 'Till more than all his warmest wishes sought, Or Fancy drear in most resplendent beam, Bright excellence, beyond his boldest thought, Flash'd on his raptur'd view, and was no dream. 'Till blest Religion his full soul employ'd, And with new energies its powers endued; Reliev'd each want, and fiil'd i?s weary void, Eternity its sphere, and God its good. For him the 'shadowy curtain is withdrawn, That veils the unknown world from mortal sight, But there, for him, unfading glories dawn, While angels beckon to the realms oflight. And, when those realms his happy soul shall seek, In more than glory shall his memory bloom, Still from the grave his toneful voice shall speak, And bless uncounted ages, yet to come: While, haply, myriads of celestial birth, To golden harps his numbers may have giveu, And the last melody, he breath'd on earth, Be the first strain his spirit hears in heaven. ......... ?Google