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THE WISH. THE sun was sunk behind the western trees, ContraSting their dark hues with yellow gleam; �All was so still, so calmly slept the breeze, Their shadows stirr'd not on th' unruffled stream. All was so still, to sight it was not given To mark the slender aspen's light leaves move; All was so still, the clouds, that streak'd the heaven, Chang'd not their form, and were not seen to rove. No sound ev'n wt?sper'd thro' ? deep'ning shade, 'Save, ever dying on the soothed ear, The low monotony of fax cascade, That timid Silence did not shrink to hear. Musing, I stray'd; my heart beat wild, and high With thoughts, which, sweet, with one their joys to �share, ......... ?Google