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SEVERAL OCCASIOIgS. "I ask not of thee, fortune, wealth, or pow'r, Or any other gift the worldly crave ! Wealth buys not peace, and high Arebit;oh's tow'r Hangs on the verge of Ruin's mining wave. "I do not ask to qua tf gay Pleasure's bowl, Or twine my temples with Love's rosy wreath; The draught, tho' sweet, is poison to the soul, The flow'rs, tho' fair, conceal an asp beneath; "I ask with Whom to live-with whom to die, With whom life's lonely, social hours to spend; With whom in joy to smile-in grief to sigh., I ask thy best, thy rarest gift--a friend !" I paus'd, in utter solitude of sou], In silent thought, no language can convey, When thro' the gloom a voice divinely stole To check my grief, aud reason care away. "Forbear i (it murmur'd) fondly feed no more Thy lingering hopes with Fancy's idle flame, The vain, the visionary search give o'er For what, in days like these, is but a name. "While listless all o? Luxury's couch recline, And, queuch'd by art, each nobler passion dies, 93 ......... ?Google