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106 EARLY POEMS ON THE FAREWELL. Y?s, we must part *. perhaps, for ever, But hope would fondly whisper, No; And, ev'n tho' fate ourselves should sever, Our hearts shall not be parted so. There is a fie, that binds the soul, No time-no distance can controul. And, ev'n in absence, there are pleasures Of fairy tints, and witching dies, More lovely than the bow that measures, In soft reflection, earth and skies: Such joys--such placid joys--be thine, The pang of parting only mine; Canst thou not, when the pensive Ev'ning Steals thro' the silent, shadowy dell, And Light, the world reluctant leaving, Just tums to smile his last farewell; Canst thou not shape the yapours blue Into the form thou'dst wish to view ? ......... ?Google