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126 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS. ON A GRECIAN MIRROR.* Thi* a)ul the .?'bllmvi?g poem, with thz e?eption of four *tanr? :? in the first, wer? writt? !aj a friend. WiTms this mirror's burnish'd sphere What features may have soffiy shone; What eyes have fix'd their glances here On loveliness, for ever gone ! Perchance her lover's whisper'd praise Some artless maid here first believ'd, Her.blushes kiadling at the gaze Of beauty, then but first perceiv'd. Oh, fading with the faded charms Which once within thy circle burn'd, The Amazon's resplendent arms Perchance thy surface hath return'd: �In the poasession of Dr. Clarke, Cambridge. i ........... GoogI�