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148 MISCELLANEOUS PoEMs. ' TO A FRIEND. Ta? world does not know me; to that I. appear, As raptur.e, or grief wakes the smile, or the tear, Now light-now reflective--now mournful--now gay, Like the gleams, and the clouds of a wild April-day. The wise oft will frown, the contemptuous will smile, The good oft reprove, yet look kindly the while; Indifferent to those, I am thankful to them, But ev'n they do not know what it is they condemn. For it is not the faults, which the multitude see, That are wept o'er in secret so wildly by me, These scarcely a thought from my sorrows can win; Oh, would they were all !--but the worst is within. Thou only dost know me; to thee is reveal'd The spring of my thoughts, from all others conceal'd; Th' enigma is solved, as thou readest my soul,' They view but a part, thou beholdest the'whole. ......... ?Google