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l'? MISCELLAN ]?OUS POEMS. His eye yet dwells upon the streak, That marks the track of Evening's car, Or tums above, in Heaven to seek The radiance of some guiding star. And thus, while round the present hour Misfortune all her clouds has cast, My soul, escaping from her power, Lives in the future, or the past; And gazes on the parting gleam Of days, now sunk in deepening g!oom, Or turns to seek the guiding beam, Which Hope sheds bright thro' those to come. THE CHRISTIAN'S DEATH.* Tuz clouds, that had mantied the dark sky all day, From the doors of the west are now breaking away; See the sun his fair face for a moment unfold, Then set in a glory of crimson and gold ! �I had never seen Dr. Watts's Hymn on a similar subject, when I composed theSe lines. ......... ?Google