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MISCELLANEOUS POEMS. And when at length distinctly bright i see Thy long sought image bless my mental eye, Art thou not musing then (fond thought ]) on me, Or wafting prayers for me beyond the sky ? Oh, as thou sleep'st the sleep devoid of care, Which tranquil innocence alone can know, That some kind pitying angel in thine ear Would breathe my words; yet, ah, without their woe ! For I would not distress thee with the sound Of all the sighs, which rend my suffering breast; And, rather than thy heart one moment wound, Feel my own break with ?11 its grief supprest. TO THE SCENTLESs VIOLET. D?cr.?rgv?. plant, from thee no odours rise, Perfume the air, or sc?ent the mossy glade, Altho' thy blossoms wear the modest guise Of her, the sweetest offspring of the shade. ......... ?Google