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164 MISCELLANEOUS POEMS. To pyramids let others trust, Their lasting memory to secure; When their proud urns are laid in dust, My unseen trophies shall endure. Let others toil, the wreath to claim, By genius, glory, empire wove; I do not ask to live with Fame, In future years, but dwell with Love. A PORTRAIT. PALE, yet not sickly, is his cheek; his brow Smooth, and expanded, as a waveless lake; His mild blue eye is not without its fire, But 'tls a temper'd light, that tells of peace, Like summer lightning, on a tranquil eve. His mouth, at rest, might tempt the sculptor's art, And, tempting, baffle; but the painter's more, When, variable as ocean's light and shade, It gives the rapid movements of the mind. Though I have learnt that many a tranquil brow ......... ?Google