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170 ?MISCELLAN EOUS PoEMs. Oh, only now my be{ter part awakes, Oh, only now the pent-up waters flow, Whence the sick soul her thirst one moment slakes, One moment meltsin luxury 'of woe ! Ah, cease not ye t !'Alas, the spell is o'er, And the last echo dies the aisle along, And that dead weight has crush'd my soul once more Which yields alon? ?o melody and song. SEPARATION. OH, 'tis one scene of parting here ! Love's watch-word is, "Farewell," And almost starts the following tear, Ere dried the last that fell: 'Tis but to'feel, that one most dear Grows needful to the heart, And, straight, a voice is muttering near, Imperious, "Ye must part 1" ......... ?Google