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t74 MISCE LLANI?OUS POEMS. These are the aims--the hopes-.?he thirst-- Which thro' the Bard's wild bosom shiver, In secret born, in sile? rarest, But, oh, more deep than silent river And fraught with raptures far above The hopes--the fears--the bliss of love. STANZAS. WHEN Death shall bid that heart be still, Which beat too wartory, for .its peace, And give this spirit, worn with ill? .? Its long-delay'd--its wish'd release, O think not that the love shall cease,. Which glow'd throughout this earthly scene, Which ev'n Despair could not decrease, Nor make me wish it ne'er had been ! Yes, they may tear thee from me now, But then thou shalt again be mine--- Mine by each tie--each holiest vow Which Faith can breathe, or Love can twine. ......... ?Google