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MISCELLANEOUS POEMS. That, while the tongue performs its part, And custom's tri?iel phrase will say, On Fancy*s win? the'truant hear? Fleets to some region far away; 177 Feeds sweetly on some ehosen theme, Holds converse with the dearly-lov*d, Weaves.the light tbmue of a dreams Or woJidero, where we once have my*d. All is not as it seems: that eye,' Tho' bright, may oft be que?ch'd in tears, And oft thatboso m heave the' s'?*h, Unheeding as it now appears. Then, oh, the rapture, none can tame, To think the soul at least is free, And view, who.may, the outward frame, No eye, save One, the heart can see .*' And that parental eye can ne'er Upon his elH?sh'd thoughts intrude,. Which deigns his loneliness to share, Yet leaves the bliss of solitude. N ......... ?Google