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This page needs to be proofread.

MI-?(?ELLANBO US POEMS. There, with the spirits of the air, His spirit traveis? pleas'd or griev'd, Shapes out a thousaad visions there, Aud weeps at what itself conceiv'd 179 Now seems o'er lonely tracts to roam, Now climbs, with paia, the dizzy steep, Now hailsunow leaves his mountain-home, Now steers his bark along the deep. To him will musie's every tone Yield bliss, beyond .the vulgar joy, Nor idly please his ear alone, But all his wakeful soul employ. To him it seems a mighty spell, Which calls, and never calls in vain, Imagination from her cell, With all her air-embodied train. Lo, while he shuts his shaded eyes, (As deeming thus the ear might win That quicken'd sense, their loss supplies) The bright soul opes her eyes within. ......... ?Google