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? MISCElLANEOus POEMS. CHILDHOOD. I woNv*.s'v, in my childhood, that men should say to me, ? "This is thy season' of delight, from care and trouble free, "And never can'st thou know such happiness again ;" It seem'd as if they mock'd my bosom's silent pain. And ot?n, when my cheeks with bitter tears were wet, They cried, "Ah happy age, that weeps, and can for- get i". Their words were strange to me: how little did they know That I could feel a sense of deep, enduring woe g Yet, as it is, I tlnd.they slmke but .s9oth , And learn that manhood must be sad, ev'n after saddest youth, That sorrow has it's bliss, which after-year?. consume, As ev'n the nightshade, in the blast, may !o?e it's vernal bloom. ......... ?Google