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JERUSALEM. "The Lord--the Lord hath spoken from on high, "Whose voice is fate, whose will is destiny. "I see ! * I see ! the dread avengers come, "Fierce as despair, insatiate as the tomb. "Heard ye their wheels, like whirlwinds, sweep around ? "Heard ye their thundering coursers beat the ground ? "Mark'd ye their spears move on in long array, "And shield on shield flash back the beam of day ! "O'er Salem's ? walls Destruction sternly low'rs, "And eyes,impatient, her devoted towers. "Bow'd to the dust,? she mourns her slanghter'd bands, "And strives in vain to lift her fetter'd hands." O greatly-fall'n, how humbled is thy state ! Thy tlelds how bare, thy courts how desolate ! Where Joy was wont the nightly dance to lead, Shrieks the lone bat, and hungry vultures feed; There the fierce dra?. tlnds a place of rest, And bodlng screech-o?ls build their secret nest. � No more, Bethesda, o'er thy ?esert .springs Descending Seraphs wave thelr ]p?aling wings; No more sweet sounds, at morn or eve, declare That hosts angelic hover on the air: ? All--all is fied; and Desolation reigns, Without a rival, o'er thy ravaged plains. ? Isal. v. 26, &c. ami nix. 6. ?- Issi. ,xi? IL ? ldem, 4th v?rse ......... ?Google