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MlSCELLAIq EOtlS PO I?.NIS. ?203 Where all the varied hues, thst Painting loves, In lively contrast, yet harmonious, vie; Beyond, rise bowering'trees, nor farther rOves, Check'd by'their close-knit shade, the curious ?y/?. Ev'n the old whetstone, wild wit? wC?ls'o'erspread, The ancient fr?it?trees, tha*?,- fantastic, thr6w Their twining arms i?bove the grass-grown shea? A rustic charon, an ailded grace, bestow. Not far beyond, form'd of a 'single plank, Propp'd at each end by ?udely-shapen stave, A narrow bridge unites each grassy bknk, And throws its inm? on:th e imsaing wave. And to the right, between ?the tangled boughs, Low-sunk, and parted fro TM its parent stream, A rivulet is sparkling, as it flows; Betray'd, alone, by 6tfdl di?m0nd gleam. The rude stone-steps, down which the cottage-maid Descends so oft, to dip her brimming pail, Complete the rural scene; it is portray'd, And pleas'd.each :faithful lineament I hail. ......... ?Google