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MISCELLANEOUS PegMs. ?07 HYMN TO NATURE. Translated partly f?om the Pasto? Fido, of Ouarini. HAIL, ye lone seems, s, ud silent woods, Of Peace the only'true abodes: Oh, with what. willing h?s?e, my feet Seek, aga?' .n? your tov'd retreat 1 Were I my own, 1. wo.uld not I?ave Your shades, .for all the world could give. To the soul, that wisdo m ? Riches ..s?e but splendi.'d il .Is ;. Of true w, ealth, he has the least, Whose.eoffer'd st9res. are most increaz'd: Of true wealth, he owns the most, Who reeks the least of pomp. and cost. These true ri.ches cannot be, But the snares of liberty. What avails, in youth's green years, All that dazzles, yet not cheers; What, the long ancestral line, Titles, henours, half divine;