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MISCBLLAN EO?S .PD F, MS. What Tyrian ? can ?natch in die The purple of yon western sky ? What loom supply the carpet spread O'er verdant vale, and flowery mead ? Then, since Nature, without cost,. Gives all that Wealth herself (?an boast, Without the tears tlmt Wealth must weep, Let me true to Nature keep; Court the early dawn, Ere Aurora's curtains drawn To the prying Sun betray Where my devious footsteps stray; Lie with her in. secret bower, When Noon hu? climb'd his topmost tower. But, chief, at evening, o'er the wild, Be my lonely thoughts.beguiled To hold sweet converse with her then, Far from the dying hum of men; And, as home? I wend my way, To trace the part?.ng steps of day, While, amid the east afar, Shines, palely clear, Night's earliest star. How delicate the blushing die, That tints the clouds along the sky 1 There the bat disporting mark, Contrasted by it's pinions dark, ......... ?Google