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�MIISCELLAN I?OUS POEMY. TO THE WINDS. O v?. wild winds, that rave around, And shake the tree, and sweep the hill; I love your feeling, aml your sound, Ye suit a spirit wilder still, And Fancy has her tresses cast More loosely on your billos?y blast. Oh, that ye whiten'd now .the wave, And rapidly impelI'd the sail, Which bore me to some lonely cave, On some far shore sweet P?ace to-hail ! I wish to fly--I know not where--- But restless are thy thoughts, Despair ! Oh, that with that resistless force, Which shakes the earth, and rives the main, Ye could uproot deep--deep Remorse, And whelm the wrecks of woe and pain; Hurl Memory from her tyrant throne, And leave what childhood loved alone ! ......... ?Google