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M?SCEJ, La?qEOUS ?oEMs. 9.15 THE SAME. H?.l?. chronicle thy joys; but think, th? while, How false and fleeting Pleasure's Here calendar thy woes ? yet kigs the rod, All things are good to those that love their God. As Time is short, it's jo?ys and woes despise,' As Time is short, olv, seize it, as it flies *. SOLITUDE, SOMETIMES, IS. BEST SOCIETY. M//to?. Al,ol?.--at length done! and nothing now With me but God and Nature !--Far behind Lies the tumultuous city. There rude. Mirth Is dissonant--the drunkenness of Woe-- The laugh of Madness. There sits .squalid Want, Mock'd at by o'erfed Plenty. There the eye Wanders from face to face, and reads in most The man degraded into brute--the grin Of ideot vacancy--the darken'd mien, Tablet to many crimes, or sear'd by them Into a blank, a horrible erasure Of mind and. feeling. Hatred's sullen scowl, ......... ?Google