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?34 Let love still 'adore the same, If it fade with cheek or .eye, 'Tis not worthy of the. name: The crown of. love is constancy 1 Let it be love, no force can tame, � �If absent, it bum less than nigh, �Tis not worthy' of the name: The crown of love is constancy ! Give me the,love, whose faithfal aim Can absence, ehaage, and time, defy; This is worthy of the name--- This is erown'd with constancy I SWIFT, TO CLIMES OF BRIGHTER DAY. Swxt?T, to el]roes of brighter day, Whe re the warmer breezes play, Fly with me--fly with me .* Where the dark-brow'd Alps, impending, Frowns with Nature's smiles are bleucling, Fly with me--fly with me ! ......... ?Goo?Ie