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LYRICAL PIECES. Now, farewell, oh,.gl0rioui SU n, Thy toils are o'er, thy race is lain! Thou hast sunk oa ocean's breast? We have sung thee to thy rest; Hark, the distant echoes swell, Once again--farewell--farewell !. THE FISHERMAN'S RETURN. Fa?--far away o'er the west;era sea, Where that long line of light 1oolls pale, My child, thy father's bark I see, Oh, swiftly may she sail ! I know her by the streamer red, That flutters from the mast, Which still he promised me to Spread; Returning home at last. But, look, the winds, the waves, arise, And the streak of light is gone, And wild, o'er the darkly alter'd. skies,, The clouds drive thickly oa.. ......... ?Google