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LYRICAL PIECES. Think'st thou on me ? Where'er I mve? ,-' By forest,.glen, or rill? I ask of trembling, doubting love The anxious'question Still. ' - Think'st thou on me ? Oh, if thou heed No more 1ove's broken tie, Let me expire, before I read That answer in' thine eye ?' ' 261 THOU SAY'ST MINE EYES HAVE LOST THE LIGHT. Taou say'st mine eyes have los{ the light, Which told of ybuthful joy and peace; Oh, when the. soul bec0?es less bright, It's outward radiance too will cease ! Yet none, save thou, the change behold; It Was reserved for thee alone That bosom's. secrets to unfold, Which so responds to all thine own. ......... ?Google