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SO?N?TS? ?99 '-?)N QUITTING HOME. F&E?.W!?LL, loved spot, that Recoilection's tear Combines with past dolight and present woe; Ah, frdm?hy loved retreats, full many a fear, Full many a care afflicts me, as I go ! But green and gay, as erst, thy hills appear, As erst, thy watars pure and placid flow: Thy careless breezes, as they wanton near, ' - No sigh--no parting sigh?n me bestow. -- Cruel, thou mightest smile, when, far ?way, My bark is bouading o'er the.billows blue; Thou mlghtest smile, when, thro' .the showery spray,. The last faint cliffis.fading from my ?iew; But, oh, why wear thy loveliest--best array, When sad I last adieu.? -- ......... ?Google