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308 soNl? V. TS. Xly. A WINTER'8 EVENINO. NOOOilT, but wild images, around--The trees, Robb'd, by rude winter,.of their foliage proud, A sky, o'erspread with many a moving cloud, That hurries on before th' impelling breeze. Far off, wide downs the .eye but dimly sees, Where the storm.travels in'its misty shroud; While, in the vale below, the :yapours crowd, Thick on each other, llke to billowy seas. By fits, and borne upon, the gusty wind, The heavy rain-drop beats upon my'face; Yet, mingling with the scene, my pensive mind, In Nature, still, a loveliness can trace, As of some beauteous mourner, Who, resign'd To chill despair, yet droops in wonted grace.. ......... ?Google