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3? SONNETS�&* DAY-DREAM.. O?z peaceful vision hathmy soul shaped out, A lowly dwelling, in a beauteous vale, Eomote from Man.' Thither, when cares'assail, W?ten dark perplexing fnnc. ies throng' abo?tt My restless couch, or when the World's wild tout Untunes my soul, ! fly, and there inhale' Delicious qulet's renovating gale, ' There lose my sorrows and fo!?et each doubt. Deem*st thou, best friend, this vistOnar? cot In fancy is possess'd by me alon?; That, when ! image my sequester'd lot,' I ask to share ifs sweet repose with none ? Oh no ! Thy image to the' air-drawn spot Gives life,. and light, and beauties not it's own.'