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xxxvI. ON READINO 8OUTHg, Y'8 RODERICK. FstIBWD of the lonely walk, snd midnight bower, Now, while the elves their star-light vJl?ils keep, And all beside lies hush'd in slumber deep, 'Southey, thy mngie lay's resistless power Detains me here, re?(iless of the hour, Indulging visions, lovelier ev'n than sleep Brings in her train: the quiet tears, I weep, Are grateful as the dews, that bathe the flower, Thirsting for rain, wl?ch sultry day ?s?ies, As to thy Roderick's agonizing woes, With kindred feeling, my full soul replies. Ah, who, like thee, s?eet Bard of nature, knows To call forth all the Heart's best sympathies, And cheat it's own deep sorrows to repose! ......... ?G9ogle