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338 WATERLOO. A world in arms--a Tyrant hud'd from high-- An F. mpire's mig?t---a People's constancy; All that inspirits, soothes, exalts, endears, The vietor's triumph, and the mourner*s tears, All throng in vast succession, each in turn Melts the full heart, or bids its ardour burn. Lost in effulgence, where shall Fancy stray ? How From the brightness part each blended ray ? How, when the full-orb'd Moon on Ocean streams, Paint ev'ry wave, where sep'rate lustre gleams Yet all eombin'd upon the dazzled sight Effuse one Hood of undivided light ? Long thro' her realms had Earth with discord burn'd; To Belgium now her eager glance is turn'dw Stage of high deeds, where waits each anxious eye The last wild act of War's dread tragedy. To-morrow sees Gaul's proud Usurper hurl'd Low to the dust, or Monarch of the world. Spirits, to who TM the care of man is given, Ye bend expectant from your native Heaven. ?is not o'er one. pale nation Doubt prevails-- A World,--a World is trembling in the scales ! Fiercein his splendour, ere his course he run, From broken clouds looks out the threat'nln? Sun; ......... ?Google