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34? WATERLOO. 0 bear me, Fancy, in thine eagle ear Swift to that scene of wild, distracted war ! Pour my full soul the mingling tide along, Rise in my ardour, brighten in my song*. Breathe marthi spirit o'er each glowing line, And arm me for the fight with energy divine ! Hark ! 'twas the shout of legions shook the sky ! France und Napoleon?Bngland--Victory ! Then peaI'd the cannon', then the volum'd smoke Forth from its brazen throat, dark eddying, broke. On dash'd the war-horse--High .the standards reel, Waves the plum'd crest, and gleams the deadly steel. Red, thro' the lurid air, the bomb aspires, Then shoots, like falling star, its earthward fires. Each furious volley tells that thousands die, And the groan mingles with the victor's cry. Cloth'd in her darkest shroud, exulting StriFe Steeps her loose tresses in the stream of life, Chafes each dread Champion hotter war to wage, And sternly triumphs in the combat'n rage. Chief, where embattled Hougeumont ascends, War turns his might, and all his fury bends. Seize but that post, and Gallia shall prevail ! 'Wild with high hope, her eager sons assail. ......... ?Google