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350 WATEBLO0. And darkest there, in dreadful might serene, Frowning like D?ath, are Bruns?vick's warriors seen; Whos? dauntless bauds, in memory of their chief, Bear the sad hue of undissembling g?ief; Yet seems it now no sot? regret to shew, But black revenge, and hate more stem than woe. Where La Haye Sainte extends her shatter'd walls, Faithful in death' the Hanoverian falls. Still rolls the dread artillery along, Pours its loud peal, and thins th' embattled throng. Still Oallia chafes, still Albion scorns to yield, And falling numbers darken all the field. See, seei what blaze shoots upwards from the vale? What dark smoke soars where war-clouds cannot sail ? What deaf'ning thunders, what terrific jar Swells with new horrors the loud voice of war ? As bursts from' Etna's womb the fiery birth, Towers to the sky, and shakes th' aftrighted e?rth. ?Fis the wide ravage of th' infernal shell ! Alas ? ou Brltain's bravest band it fell; Where Hougoumont's beleaguer'd towers aspire. bloated with blood, and canopied with fire. But dare not look within ! oh close the ear Against those shrieks 'twere agony to hear ! ......... ?Google