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354 '. WAt?ERLOO. As if to light your troops ts.vlctory. Reflected l?tre from the bayonet streams, And cres .ted. helms give back th? level beams. Whirl the re?.coinm_ns of collected.sand, Ting'd _by.thesetting sun's dilated are, Proud to th.e.skles. the piltat'd flames aspire, And sweep ,tremendous o?r the ravag*d plain, While the pale pilgsim. strives to fly in vain: So nobly dread, so formidably bright Mov'd En?lami' all.the p6mp of light.. Strong as from.peace, amt flesh as frommrepose, Now--now she rushes on.her yielding foes.. � The clearing.smoke their hurrying rout reveals; Wil?y they fly, or bend the suppliant knee, England is victor, and. the world i? free ! Distracted U .!?r0ar lords it ?*er the plain: Where bleed ? wonn.ded, or whe TM sink the?slai?, Onward they. dr?ve, pursuarS, and pursued, Nor check.their footsteps'deep in blood embrued. Rout.and. Confusion, Fear, and. Death are.them, And the pale form-of !?tiless Despair. Oh yet exult not, as ye swift recede, That the tifd Briton checks his panting steed v. ......... ?Google